Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everything is Golden

Ambassador Sichan Siv returns to Monument Books this coming Saturday (8 Dec) at 11am and will be launching his latest book, a series of personal poems that he has written over the past thirty-six years, entitled Golden Words. And they come in a variety of languages. Thirty pages and printed locally, with a prize for anyone who can spot the clue in each poem. The Ambassador is of course already the author of an international bestseller, Golden Bones, published in four languages and telling his story of an escape from Cambodia in 1976 and resettling in Connecticut as a refugee with his mother's scarf, an empty rice bag and $2 in his pocket. He went onto become a United States Ambassador to the United Nations between 2001-2006 under President George W Bush. From 1989 to 1993 he had served under the President's father, George H W Bush as deputy assistant at the White House and as deputy assistant secretary at the State Department. Now that is a story worth telling and the success of Golden Bones is testament to how well the story is told. In the private sector, the Ambassador has held positions in social services, education exchange, financial management, and investment banking. Currently, he provides global strategic advice and gives motivational speeches as well as holding a Master Degree of international affairs from Columbia University. The cover of his book of poems shows a hand-stitched canvas by Pacita Abad called Sichan between Two Worlds. And my favourite is Forever, on page 29. The book will be available at Monument Books on Norodom Boulevard.

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