Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bro arrives, early

As is usually the case, Tim blagged his way onto an earlier connecting flight, arriving at 10am this morning instead of later this evening, which gave him the opportunity to get some much-needed shut-eye whilst I was beavering away at work, on xmas day. Which would be unheard of back in Blighty but is par for the course over here. He's in fine fettle, after his recent health scare, though he related a long tale of woe and frustration with the medical profession, eventually self-diagnosing whilst in hospital for a few days, to which the consultant agreed and gave him a clean bill of health. A right palava, or is it palaver. He quickly fell back into the Cambodia routine, cursing tuk-tuk drivers, that sort of thing, and we had a late xmas day dinner at the Aussie pub around the corner before heading off into the night to meet some friendly locals.



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