Saturday, November 10, 2012

Srey Thy's story

Srey Thy is the focus of Marc Eberle's documentary
There's been a man with a camera following in the footsteps of Srey Thy, the female lead singer of the Cambodian Space Project for the past three years. His name is Marc Eberle and he's plotting the rise of both the band and their female lead as CSP take their brand of 60s Cambodian rock around the world. His work hasn't gone unnoticed and BBC Storyville have agreed to come on board with the documentary, Rock Cambodia! and this is a big leap for Eberle and by association, the band themselves. Storyville have a reputation of bringing the most interesting character-based stories from around the world to the screen and have picked up no less than four Oscars and many other awards in their ten-year history. Eberle has already had his documentary, The Choice, on Aung San Suu Kyi, shown on BBC2 and soon, HBO, as well as gaining prominence for his highly-regarded The Most Secret Place on Earth - the CIA's Covert War in Laos. Find out more here.

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