Thursday, November 29, 2012

Roll on tomorrow

I've had my head buried in a pile of fiction in recent weeks. One book in particular, Phnom Penh Noir, has been open in my hands most days for the past week and I've just managed to finish reading it before tomorrow's official book launch, by invite only, at the Foreign Correspondents Club on the riverside. I've already mentioned that the man responsible for two major films that loom large in my life, Roland Joffé, will be there, as will a bevy of other authors who contributed to the PPN book, together with a live performance from the elusive Krom and a poetry rap from Kosal Khiev - both of whom feature in the book. Noir fiction brings you the tough, bleak, dark, shadowy side of life in the city and PPN is no exception. Edited by novelist Christopher G Moore, it has thirteen short stories with my favourites coming from Joffé, Moore himself and Andrew Nette, with two good stories from first-time Khmer fiction writers Bopha Phorn and Suong Mak. It's an eclectic mix of tales, some with a twist you didn't see coming, others falling just short of very good whilst the three I mentioned as my favourites, standing out amongst the crowd. But of course, everyone will have their own opinion. I, for one, welcome the book. I am already a fan of Moore's output and now I'm especially keen to read Andrew Nette's debut novel, Ghost Money. On this evidence, Roland Joffé could have a second career as a fiction writer too. Roll on tomorrow evening's bash.

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