Friday, November 23, 2012

Roland Joffé Rocks

The Killing Fields. LToR: Producer David Puttnam, Director Roland Joffé and Screenplay Writer Bruce Robinson
Film director Roland Joffé has loomed large in my life without him knowing it. Primarily, as we've never met, so I've never had the chance to spill the beans. Though I'm sure he gets it all the time. Let's start with his film, The Killing Fields, which I saw in 1985 and which helped to cement mine, and legions of others, infatuation with Cambodia. And look where that interest took me. It completely changed my life. And then his 1986 film, The Mission, was the key to unlocking my love for the music of Incantation and Ennio Morricone. If you've heard the score, and who hasn't, Incantation played the haunting pipe music throughout the film, courtesy of none other than the maestro himself, Ennio Morricone, who penned the film's incredible soundtrack, one of the best ever. It still rankles that it didn't win the Oscar. In my book Mr Joffé can do no wrong. And I've just read his short story (45 pages in length) in Phnom Penh Noir - and it was excellent. Roland Joffé Rocks. And he'll be back in Phnom Penh next week as a guest speaker at the official launch party for the Noir book at the FCC. Invitation only, with Krom playing live, and Mr Joffé in the house. I won't be able to contain myself.

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