Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rebirth at Samsara

The pool and main building at Samsara Villa
Another new boutique hotel has opened its doors in Phnom Penh at Samsara Villa, with sixteen rooms and soon to add another eleven in a building under renovation across the street. Samsara (known as the cycle of birth and death in Buddhism) is in a renovated 1960s villa on a very quiet lane, an offshoot of St 466, so its out of the way if you compare it to the riverside or BKK1. It has a nice sized pool, open-air restaurant and three types of rooms - the suites have their own breakfast balcony - in the all-too-common minimalist style with concrete-washed shower-rooms, tiled floors and nominal decoration. There has been an explosion of boutique hotel openings in the past couple of years in the city with Arun Villa, similar in style to Samsara, opening up a couple of months ago. I could list them all, but we'd be here all day.
A suite room at Samsara Villa



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