Saturday, November 17, 2012

Koenig's observations

Will Koenig is an American journalist who now lives in Oregon, but spent three years living in Cambodia. His witty observations of life in his adopted country can be found on Amazon's Kindle in ebook format under the title At Home on the Mekong: Columns from Living in Cambodia. He describes himself thus: "When I was 22, I was bored with university and work and decided to seek adventure. My initial 10 months as a volunteer teacher transformed into three years. I taught English, worked for a development agency, met my wife, contracted malaria three times, got knocked unconscious in a motorcycle crash and was bitten by a gibbon." Now Koenig is set to release a second ebook, this time focusing on his marriage and taken from columns that first appeared in AsiaLife magazine from 2007 through to 2010. The title, and available on Amazon very soon, is Falling In the Well of Love: Notes from a Cross-Cultural Marriage.

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