Saturday, November 24, 2012

Justice, Liberty, Equality

Steel Pulse on stage in Tucson May 1984
A blast from the past. Photographer Ed Arnaud recently sifted through some of his old photos and found these pictures of Steel Pulse which he took in May 1984 at a gig in Tucson, US. It was around the time the band released their Earth Crisis album and I'd seen the band play in London a couple of months before. Alvin Ewen on bass had just joined as had Carlton Bryan, formerly of The Congos, who took over lead guitar duties. The band's drummer at the time, Steve Grizzly Nisbett recalls: "Carlton was born in Jamaica but lived in New York. He was introduced to us. We wanted someone who was different, someone who could play a bit and when their solo came, to make it their own. He came to rehearsals at Rocket Studio and did his thing. He was with us for a few years. He stopped playing with us because of a terrible car accident one Christmas. He was in hospital in a coma for a very long time and when he got out he had to learn how to play again from scratch." Pictures courtesy of Ed Arnaud. You can read about my own infatuation with Steel Pulse here.
A rare photo of lead guitarist Carlton Bryan

The unmistakable David Hinds
Still on the keyboards to this day, Selwyn Brown

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