Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Comedy fix

Headliner Glenn Wool looked like a cross between Meatloaf and Dr Hook
Mirth filled the room at Pontoon tonight with the appearance of headline act Glenn Wool, originally from Canada but now a world citizen, and his own particular brand of stand-up comedy and story-telling. Facially-expressive, Wool littered his act with expletives and lots of shouting but it did the trick and the reception he received was one of the loudest the Comedy Club of Cambodia has witnessed. Personally I made the mistake of watching a chunk of Wool's act on YouTube the day before, so most of his punchlines were already firmly planted, which spoiled my enjoyment a tad. But I can see why he's won awards and is a man in demand on the circuit. As with most stand-ups, his topics ranged from religion and relationships to drugs, to alcohol and back to drugs again. The usual tried and tested formula. It would be invigorating for a comic to ignore the usual staple diet of subjects - especially drugs which I loathe - and come up with something uniquely original. Fat chance. Malaysia's Kavin Jay was the warm-up act and he was on and off again in double quick-time. I was acutely disappointed that as a host of a popular football show in his home country, he didn't take the piss out of Cambodian football. Not once. Now that would've been right up my street.
Malaysian football pundit Kavin Jay, without the football

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