Friday, November 16, 2012

Cambodia's essence

The glossy coffee-table magazine, Discover - The Essence of Cambodia, produced by the folks at SE Globe and designed to promote the best bits of Cambodia to the outside world, has just had its second volume/edition/whatever launched, ready for 2013. I didn't get an invite to attend, so my own stock has obviously dropped under the radar, after a review of my book was in the very first edition. This time around, it's 132 pages of words and pictures (and ads), spilling the beans about Cambodia, with pages overflowing with flattering and flowery descriptions, and will look just great in dentist and doctor surgeries around the globe. Kidding aside, it's a great advertisement for the Kingdom and if you don't pick up a hard copy, at $6 a throw, then have a look at it online, here. There's a couple of pages on the Cambodian Space Project no less, Song Saa Private Island, Vann Molyvann, day-tripping out of Phnom Penh, Sovanna Phum, discovering Battambang and lots, lots more.

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