Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book of the Dead

The new books just keep on coming. It's another novel, this time by Tom Vater and called The Cambodian Book of the Dead. An author and travel writer, this is Vater's second crime fiction novel, his first, The Devil's Road to Kathmandu, was published in 2006. Last year he also released the bestselling Sacred Skin, the first English language title on Thailand's sacred tattoos. For his latest novel, a German detective named Maier travels to Cambodia, a country re-emerging from a half century of war, genocide, famine and cultural collapse, to find the heir to a Hamburg coffee empire. His search for the young coffee magnate leads into the darkest corners of the country’s history and back in time, through the communist revolution to the White Spider, a Nazi war criminal who hides amongst the detritus of another nation’s collapse and reigns over an ancient Khmer temple deep in the jungles of Cambodia. Crime Wave Press have published the book in Cambodia and Thailand, while UK-based Exhibit A has the publishing rights for the rest of the globe. Vater has written non-fiction and fiction books, travel guides, documentary screenplays, and countless feature articles investigating cultural and political trends and oddities in Asia. His website is here.

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