Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bird's-eye view

The Frangipani roof-top swimming pool, with views
The newly-opened Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel put on lunch and a look around their facilities this lunchtime, though it'll be another week before the hotel is fully operational. The first three floors are complete, as is the roof-top swimming pool, but the workmen are still finishing off some of the contemporary-style rooms and the top floor lounge. Lunch was tasty and plentiful. What the hotel does boast is an excellent viewing area, whether you are looking east over the Tonle Sap River, south across to the Royal Palace or west to the National Museum and the remainder of the Phnom Penh skyline. A drink at their sky bar will be a magnet as soon as word gets out. The front rooms of the hotel will also have a bird's-eye view of the King Father's funeral when its held in February, with work already underway preparing the gardens in front of the National Museum, Veal Mean, for a traditional Buddhist ceremony and cremation. It's been announced that the King Father's funeral procession will once again allow the population to pay their respects to their revered former monarch before the cremation takes place. The King's cabinet has said some of the King Father's ashes will be kept in a stupa at the Silver Pagoda, though most will be placed in the area where the Tonle Sap meets the Mekong River at Chaktomuk. If you are staying at the Frangipani at that time, you'll have a memorable view of the whole proceedings.
The frontage of the newly-opened Frangipani Hotel

A bird's-eye view of Veal Mean where the King Father's funeral will take place

The Royal Palace is calm and quiet

Looking across to the National Museum and the city skyline



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