Thursday, November 15, 2012

3rd B-Day bash

CSP's Srey Thy. Picture courtesy of Laurent Sicard Photographie
The Cambodian Space Project are three years old. Well, they will be next month. So they have decided to celebrate with a birthday bash at the Foreign Correspondent's Club on the riverside on Friday 7 December. Since December 2009 they've toured 14 different countries, played over 300 shows, released a vinyl ep and two albums. For the birthday gig they'll be joined by The Rajasthani Gypsy, Ghugge Khan, just to add some extra spice to proceedings. For the evening, perhaps they'll call themselves the Cambodian Spice Project. Just a thought. I'll get my coat. Two nights after the birthday party, the band will be playing in Java, Indonesia. They simply never sit still for a minute.



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