Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slow weekend

Slow weekend with no football to keep me occupied. Elsewhere, the whole country is still in a state of mourning. Particularly around the Royal Palace area, as you might expect, where the body of their monarch is lying in state. They even thought they saw the face of their deceased King in the half moon tonight, with hordes of people on the streets staring into space. I'm currently reading Colin Cotterill's very funny novel Anarchy and Old Dogs, set in Laos and following the investigative pensioner-cum-coroner Dr Siri. I like the author's style and will definitely be digging out other books, especially one set in Cambodia, called Love Songs from a Shallow Grave. There was a pretty big football story today with news leaking out on Facebook that the Cambodian national team coach, Hok Sochetra, had resigned. He's only been in the job for a few months but 4 defeats on the spin over in Myanmar opened his eyes as to the size of the task, and he's thrown in the towel already.

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