Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kicking up a storm

The Silver Bell troupe in full swing
Improv dance on sand was the draw card. The Sa Sa Gallery, next to Scuba Nation on Sothearos Boulevard was the destination and with the gallery floor covered in sand from a recent Khvay Samnang exhibition, the Silver Bell dancing troupe had an idea to offer up a series of short dance improvisations earlier tonight. Led by Belle herself, the 10-strong troupe began with a country-style hoedown and continued with a set of cameo dances, ending with a Belle solo that brought out the best in the country's foremost contemporary dancer. She excelled on the sand. The favourite short dance came from Vitou and his impersonation of a dog, which had the audience giggling through the dust cloud that hung in the gallery air. In the confined space, it was tough on both the dancers and the spectators, but to dance on sand is very different from a normal stage floor and the troupe all agreed it was a great experience.
Belle offers a glimpse of her classical roots

Belle enjoys the moment in the after-dance Q&A session

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