Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Raving bonkers

Did I really say it was slow on the football front? Well that all changed today with a veritable flood of stuff happening. The football federation here have gone and stumped me again with their insatiable desire to wind me up the wrong way. The length and start of any football season in any country in the world is pretty much taken for granted. Not in Cambodia. The bozos at the FFC have just announced the dates for the main league competition, the Metfone C-League, and they've only gone and brought forward the start of the season by 3 months. Yes, 3 months, and without any consultation with the clubs whatsoever. They just drop it from a great height and say, deal with it. They are unbelievable. So now all the teams have to scramble around like headless chickens to get their squads together and fit before the new league season begins on 1 January. Absolutely bonkers. In addition, they also announced the Hun Sen Cup dates, which has been a pre-season competition in the recent past. Not now. It combines the best of the province teams with the C-League sides. The involvement of the C-Leaguers will now start on 20 December and carry onto into the middle of March, so the FFC have decides to overlap the two competitions, without any mention of when these games will be played. It's a complete shambles and the lack of guidance, steerage, consultation, with anyone, by the people in charge of football in this country, is a disgrace. Oh, and Phnom Penh Crown signed their second French-Khmer player as well. His name is Boris Kok and the club are rapidly earning themselves a mould-breaking reputation by snapping up overseas-born Khmers, as they undertake a mini-revolution under new coach Sam Schweingruber. All of this football stuff can be found in detail at my Kingdom of Football blog here.

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