Monday, October 1, 2012


Back to work this morning at 8am, after landing and getting home to bed six hours earlier. We spent a whole day travelling and transiting through China yesterday, which must go down as the most unwelcoming place on the planet. An exaggeration as I only saw the two airports of course but many of the airport staff were the least friendly people I've ever come across. Give them a uniform and they give you the cold stare. Or in a couple of cases, abuse. In Chinese of course. The South China airline food was abysmal, the airport prices ridiculously high, they refused to book our bags all the way through from Tajikistan, they made us wait for an age at Urumqi whilst they decided to let us in or not, all in all, not a country I'd like to transit through again. Especially as they initially robbed us of a player on the way out by sending him back to Cambodia. One bright light was meeting a Chinese female doctor on the final leg, who was visiting Cambodia with her family for the first time. Spoke great English and restored some of my faith amongst her countrymen/women. I hope she has a great time in Cambodia. Too knackered to attend the launch party for NRG FM radio this morning, the country's first 24-hour music station.

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