Friday, October 5, 2012

Like you

Laura Mam of The Like Me's in action on the advert
Whilst watching the Cambodian football team get trounced by the underdogs Timor Leste, who actually stood up and taught Cambodia a footballing lesson, when everyone, me included, expected the opposite, an advert for The Like Me's all-girl group came on, promoted by their partners Cellcard. The band were here for a quick visit and a Fan meet-and-greet recently and will be heading back for another trip fairly soon. The Cambodia team lost 5-1 to Timor Leste, who, cor blimey, had never won an international game before. Cambodia meet Laos on Sunday, so they have a quick chance to recover some face but another defeat and they'll be highly unlikely to progress in this Suzuki Cup competition.
Cellcard sponsor The Like Me's and adverts about the group

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