Friday, October 19, 2012

A foreign flood?

A new, foreign-born face at Crown, Thierry Bin
In an interesting development, Phnom Penh Crown have opened the door to Khmer footballers from abroad by signing Thierry Bin, a Paris-born 21 year old midfielder, with Khmer parents, who will join the club on his arrival from France on Monday. Bin stood out as part of the touring Khmer-Europe side that was here a couple of months ago and made it clear he was keen to play professional football in his parents homeland. Crown's new head coach, Sam Schweingruber, has given him that opportunity and could well kick open the door even wider after giving a trial to two other French-Khmers earlier this week. There has been a surge of interest in the past year amongst Khmer football fans for their overseas brethren to be included in the Cambodian national team. A few players like Bin have a good grounding in the European game, he actually played for the French U-16 national side which is a considerable achievement in itself considering the high standard of French football, and that has sparked interest amongst the fans who believe Bin and players like him, will help improve their faltering national team. It's definitely an interesting development, with other countries like the Philippines making considerable gains in recent times by including foreign-born players with Filipino heritage in their line-up. If Cambodia can achieve the same success along similar lines, that might just bring a smile back to Khmer faces after a dismal showing by the national team in recent years.

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Anonymous StevenW said...

This is great news we all know the Philippines have benefited greatly from foreign born talent and in the recent Suzuki Cup qualifying matches the transformation of Timor Leste was incredible!

October 25, 2012 at 2:39 AM  

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