Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A trendy new magazine hit the Phnom Penh streets at the weekend entitled What's Up Phnom Penh, aka WUPP, a monthly publication aimed at expats and visitors, with a bunch of articles and illustrations focused on nightlife, eating, activities such as gallery openings and special deals by way of rip-out coupons. The WUPP team intend to host regular parties for the young and hip amongst the city's expats, both on dry land as well as a boat party. They've printed 8,000 copies in their first month, so its a serious undertaking. Dutch artist Peter Klashorst will be adding his own cartoon each month, and the faces that appear on their monthly covers are anonymous, so don't ask.

The Khmer Arts Ensemble in Takhmao are preparing a new classical dance piece with a collaboration between their founder Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and renowned ballet choreographer Amanda Miller. They are allowing dance fans to get an early glimpse of their work in progress with an open viewing session this Saturday 8 September at their own Khmer Arts Theatre from 10am. Its free entry as well.

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Blogger Samir C. said...

Hello Andy,
I am part of the WUPP Team, and I just saw your post about our Magazine. That's really cool you wrote about it. It's been 3 issues now, hope you like it!
We are building a bigger team, with bloggers, journalists and it's growing fast!
We just lauched a brand new website wuppmag.com and our FB page just reached the 10000 fans. It was fast, but lots of work has still to be done to improve the WUPP. If you wish to contact us, for any matters, please send us an email to contact@wuppmag.com

November 9, 2012 at 6:29 PM  

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