Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talking football

Sonneat, Sokpheary and myself after the interview this morning
I won't be able to watch myself in action as I'll be in the air, on my way to Tajikistan, when the interview that we filmed this morning, will be shown on the Cambodian News Channel this coming Saturday. Sports presenter Sokpheary and her cameraman Sonneat came to my office early doors to film an interview focusing on Phnom Penh Crown and the AFC President's Cup. They only have a 15-minute segment, though the interview easily lasted 45 minutes. A bunch of questions from Sokpheary, crisp answers from myself and Rumnea, off-camera, translating my responses into Khmer. It went swimmingly well. They will also try to get some footage of  the team training this week and if they can make it in time, they'll see us off at the airport on Saturday morning. The segment will be shown on the CNC Sports Corner programme on Saturday 22 September between 6-7pm.
My view of proceedings with Rumnea (left) translating Sokpheary's questions and my answers

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