Thursday, September 27, 2012


Crown coach David Booth at the post-match press conference
Ouch! That hurt, big-time. To lose was bad enough but to get stuffed out of sight by Dordoi was a massive blow to everyone's confidence. We thought we had a chance against a team who played the long-ball, working on the percentages game but we were sadly mistaken. We conceded two early goals and after a couple of decisions didn't go our way, heads dropped after the break and our goalkeeper got backache from picking the ball out of the net so often. Dordoi had 17 shots on goal, they scored eight and our keeper, Seiha pulled off blinding saves to stop the others. We had not one serious shot on goal. I thought the referee didn't help when he failed to follow the letter of the law and dismiss their last-man defender who pulled back our striker, he didn't even caution him. Then he dished out a yellow for a blatant hack on Rady by their winger, when the ball was the last thing on his mind and it should've been a red. But that's clutching at straws. We were rogered good and proper. How we respond in our second and final match tomorrow, against the home team favourites, will show exactly who has the balls to stand up and be counted. I'm a sore loser at the best of times, and I really don't want to sit through another limp-wristed performance like that one again. Our coach David Booth was inconsolable and let rip at the after-match press conference. He's a passionate football man and cannot accept a capitulation of the type he witnessed last night. Tomorrow is his last game in charge of the team. I fear he is in for another rough ride.

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