Saturday, September 29, 2012

Get me home

David Booth (right) faces the press for one last time after last night's 6-0 defeat
I won't rush back to Dushanbe in Tajikistan, that's for sure. Not impressed with the city, the hotel, the people, the football, pretty much everything. It doesn't help when you get tonked 8-0 and then 6-0 of course. That tends to cast a long shadow over everything. The team held their end up for the first half against the home team last night but failed to stem the flow of goals after the break and we're heading back with our tails firmly between our legs in a couple of hours. We had to kill time the whole day today and will now fly through the night and all next day, with two stop-overs in China. Not looking forward to that at all. Coming out was bad enough though at least we had something to look forward to. Now its a case of getting home asap. Last night was David Booth's final game in charge of the team. And it certainly wasn't the way he wanted to end his stint at Phnom Penh Crown, that's for sure. However, its done now, I hope the younger players have learnt a few lessons which will make them stronger players in the future, though I have my doubts. The club will need to make some big decisions over the next few weeks about our future direction and the fall-out from this season and this AFC President's Cup trip could be far-reaching.

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