Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday blessing

Showing due respect to the monk at Rumnea's blessing this morning
A quick update from Siem Reap with a couple of photos from a surprise blessing arranged by the Amansara hotel first thing this morning, just after we finished our breakfast. It was Rumnea's birthday and the hotel food and beverage team brought her a gorgeous cake they'd made and sang her happy birthday before telling us that the orange-robed monk sat in the middle of the Amansara lawn was there to give Rumnea a birthday blessing, arranged by the hotel as a surprise gift. You had to be there to see the delight in her face, she was overjoyed and stumped for words. A fabulous personal touch for which the hotel is well-known. Rumnea declared her birthday weekend had been the best ever.
Assisting the monk with tying the red string on Rumnea's wrist

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