Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the top

The view from top of the Baphuon looking towards the eastern entrance
The top of the Baphuon at Angkor is 43 metres high. To see the best of the narrative panels depicting animals, legends, gods and demons you have to take the steep steps to get to the summit. Once you are there, you have a great view over Angkor. Here are a few more of the panels to be seen now that the temple has finally reopened to the public again after completion of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle.
A scene from the Ramayana with Ravana's chariot being pulled by creatures with demon heads

Two warriors comforting a distraught or injured monkey at the north gate

Another Ramayana scene with Sita under the tree meeting Hanuman, the monkey king
This is a view of the panels at the east gate; a series of 4 registers of narrative panels

This panel shows Bishma dying on a bed of arrows

A battle scene in full flow from the Battle of Kurukshetra

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