Sunday, September 9, 2012

A remarkable man

An autographed photo of Haing S Ngor and his Oscar
A look at the life of Haing S. Ngor, the physician, actor and author who drew upon his four-year internment under the Khmer Rouge to create an Oscar-winning performance in The Killing Fields, is the subject of a new documentary that is in the works and scheduled for a 2014 release. Filmmaker Arthur Dong is the man with the task of bringing the story of this remarkable individual to life. Ngor portrayed Cambodian journalist and refugee Dith Pran in the film, which was met with widespread critical acclaim and for which the actor said; "I wanted to show the world how deep starvation is in Cambodia, how many people die under communist regime. My heart is satisfied. I have done something perfect." In 1988, he wrote (with Roger Warner) A Cambodian Odyssey, describing his life under the Khmer Rouge. Both the film and the book are essential viewing and reading in my opinion. More on the film here. His untimely and tragic death in 1996 robbed us of a real hero of our time. The following article link by one of Hollywood's best-known critics, takes a look at the time in 1985 when Haing Ngor stepped into the world's spotlight by winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his incredible film portrayal; here.

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