Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yusuf hits the spot

Imran Yusuf in full flow tonight
The Cambodia Comedy Club returned to Pontoon tonight after a mini hiatus. On stage were Canadian Allyson Smith, a former school-teacher turned comedienne who opened the show and kept the audience in titters, rather than guffaws. What I would term a gentle warm-up to proceedings. The show was introduced by local expat Evan Handed, who trotted out the worn-out joke about the German organization GiZ, which he laboured to death on stage. Let's hope we don't have to hear that again. I beg the organizers to bring back top drawer Jonathan Atherton as mc. The highlight of the evening, which dragged on after a late start, was British-Muslim comic Imran Yusuf. With his rapid-fire delivery and testosterone-fuelled chirpy-chappie routine, he got the audience on his side from the get-go and didn't let them off the hook. Even his optimistic, positive thinking shout-outs found a listening ear amongst the crowd. In fact I was disappointed Yusuf wasn't invited back for an encore. Definitely amongst the better of the comics we've seen at Pontoon since it began last December, rivalling the performances of Phil Nichol, Zoe Lyons and Shazia Mirza. More of the same please.
Allyson Smith opened up tonight's show

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