Monday, August 20, 2012

Unnamed faces

My 1997 picture of face photos on the walls of Tuol Sleng museum
Two unnamed westerners who died at S-21, aka Tuol Sleng were amongst the 1,242 passport-sized photographs handed into DC-Cam recently, and the documentation center is trying to track down the names of the two unfortunate detainees. Many of the images had names and dates on the reverse, the photos of the two foreigners did not. Youk Chang, the head of DC-Cam, believes they may be Christopher Edward DeLance, seized by Khmer Rouge naval forces whilst sailing off the coast of Cambodia in 1978, and Andre Gaston Courtigne, a former employee of the French Embassy. Chang and his team are trying to trace DeLance's relatives in the States and the French Embassy have also been contacted in an effort to confirm the identity of the two unnamed faces. Surprisingly, Chang says the photos are the first of the imprisoned westerners he had ever seen, even though photos of some of the 11 westerners killed at S-21 have adorned the walls of the prison-cum-museum for many years. Above is a picture I took in 1997 from a wall of photos at S-21, showing three of the westerners believed to have died there. How about questioning the head of the photography team at S-21, Nhem En, now a government official in Anlong Veng, and happy-as-Larry to explain his role to anyone that asks, as to the identity of the men in the pictures.

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Anonymous Nick CambodiaSEO said...

Really? I had no idea that there were Westerners in the prisons under the Khmer Rouge. I suppose it's obvious really, but scary nonetheless.

I'm going to have to get reading now and find out a bit more.

Thanks for the interesting post.


September 2, 2012 at 11:09 AM  

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