Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tribute to Vann Nath

Vann Nath in a quiet moment at Tuol Sleng/S-21
On 5 September, it will be the one year anniversary of the passing of Vann Nath, painter and Tuol Sleng/S-21 survivor. I received an email today asking if I wanted to take part in an exhibition as a tribute to the man, scheduled to be held at the Bophana Center in Phnom Penh in January 2013. I can think of a million people better suited to pay tributes to such a gracious and dignified individual but I will certainly support the event, where the artists' personal tributes will be sold and part of the proceeds will go towards completing a monograph about Vann Nath. His wife, Kith Eng and family are still running their restaurant, Orchidee, at 33B, Street 169, Mittapheap Street in Phnom Penh if you wish to support the family with your custom. Vann Nath is no longer with us but he will never be forgotten.



Blogger RenataSothy said...

Thanks a lot Andy for helping us by sharing the news about "Le Cercle des Amis de Vann Nath", talking about our exhibition project @ "Bophana Center" in january/february 2013.

We will also be present @ Bophana on the 5th of september 2012, this sad anniversary, for a special event, projection of the film S21.

August 16, 2012 at 7:14 PM  

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