Monday, August 6, 2012

My stomach at Phnom Rung

Chilling out at Prasat Phnom Rung, northeast Thailand in November 2009
I need a personal assistant. I am one of the most disorganized people I know. I still haven't posted a stack of pictures from my first-ever trip to northeast Thailand, more particularly the Isaan area, in November 2009. One of the best temples I visited was obviously Prasat Phnom Rung, one of the prominent Angkorian temples that dot the landscape in that region. Here's a couple of photos of me (and my exceedingly fat stomach) at Phnom Rung. Beautifully kept temple, no litter, no people, no hassle. There are more to follow, but with my organisational skills, I have no idea when they will see the light of day.
Posing, with my enlarged stomach, on the causeway leading up the hill to Prasat Phnom Rung

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