Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Movie history

Movie history with Hanuman's replica Rolls-Royce Twenty. Click to enlarge.
Movie props are big business. You just have to look online to see how much items from Hollywood films can fetch on the movie memorabilia market especially if the prop (the correct term is theatrical property) was a central element in the film or 'screen-used' which is the usual film-speak for categorizing the item's value. One of the biggest movies made in Cambodia, shot in 2004 and directed by French film director Jean-Jacques Annaud, was Two Brothers, a family-focused story of two tiger cubs who get split up in the temples of Angkor and reunited at the film's end, with their various adventures in between. A feel-good film for the kids, though it also showed off Cambodia's temples and countryside in glorious Hollywood colour. One of the more memorable props from the film was the bright-yellow replica Rolls-Royce Twenty car that was made from scratch by the prop team here in Cambodia. It's not an original of course, it's a reproduction of one of the best cars of its generation in the 1920s, but at a fraction of the real cost. The replica car - which was featured prominently as the car of the resident French Administrator in the story - has now been spruced up and is on show outside the HanumanAlaya boutique hotel in Siem Reap, where it can be rented for trips around town or the nearby Angkor temples. A piece of movie history that can be shared by everyone.

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