Thursday, August 23, 2012

Krom soundtrack

In Search of Camp 32 is a documentary film being put together by Australian producer Gaye Miller and friends, to highlight the existence of a long-forgotten and unofficial prison camp during the Khmer Rouge years that could've been responsible for more than 30,000 deaths. It's nearing completion and Gaye has now commissioned local band Krom to compose the music soundtrack to the film. Krom, who've just released their own debut album, Songs from the Noir, have recorded two compositions featuring the haunting vocals of Sophea Chamroeun. Gaye said, "When I tentatively approached Christopher Minko with the idea of Krom composing music for a documentary, I was delighted with the very positive and energetic response. He knew instinctively the type of music that was needed as a back drop to the poignant scenes portrayed. With very little direction, he produced some magical pieces which enhances the mood we wanted to create. I was looking for a unique fusion of modern but distinctly Cambodian music."

Staying on the music theme, The Cambodian Space Project will be landing back in town any day now and will return to Equinox (St 278) for their first gig after more global touring, on Saturday 1 September. Copies of CSP's latest LP can be found at lead singer Srey Thy's newly opened shop, Sticky Fingers, at the Golden Sorya Mall. I am booked to be in Siem Reap that weekend, enjoying the comforts at Amansara, so won't be in the audience.

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