Sunday, August 5, 2012

Headline robbery

Bai Ling on the set of Age of the Hobbits
Regrettably, even the rich and famous, though I've never heard of her, are not immune to the bastards who rob and steal with impunity on the streets of Phnom Penh. Chinese actress Bai Ling, in Cambodia to film the mockbuster movie, Age of the Hobbits, was a victim of a tuk-tuk robbery the other day. This is what she said about it on her Facebook page:
"I am so fucked in Cambodia, something so bad just happened to me, I am crying and so mad but there is nothing I can do!!!!!!! This just happened now, when I was on the tuktuk, some one in a motor bic drive by took my bag just like that and so fast drive away run away, which I have everything in it, everything that mean anything, my passport, my credit card, my blackberry, my driver license, my money, my local phone and my camera....... everything that is valuable that I have lost!!! I am so mad and so sad, don't know what to do, cause I have to go back to China to see my Parents, but I don't have passport, and I have also to get a vise too to China, and its the weekend........I supposed to go to Angkor Wat in the morning, but how can I go now????"
The actress is no stranger to media headlines. Her Wikipedia entry reads like a typical Hollywood rap-sheet of how to remain in the public eye, a lot of it based on showing off as much flesh as possible in Playboy Magazine and in her movie and tv appearances. However, I've been robbed in my own apartment so my sympathy goes out to anyone experiencing the same emotions. It ain't a nice feeling. 

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