Friday, August 17, 2012

Bursting at the seams

Getting the aroma of the suki soup at Luk Luk BBQ
Any spare time has been spent reading Kim Fay's debut novel The Map of Lost Memories over the last few days, little time for anything else, but tonight I took a break. And headed for the Luk Luk BBQ restaurant, on Street 118 near Samaki market, despite the drizzle in the air. The restaurant is owned and run by long-time friends of mine, who I've known for a decade and more. Luk Luk is their latest venture, already running a restaurant in Prek Leap and the Silver River Hotel in town. Rumnea took over with the ordering as she went for the suki soup option, which is enormously popular in Cambodia these days. The restaurant was bursting at the seams and Sam told me that its been the same since they opened a couple of months ago. It was Rumnea's third visit in as many weeks. The lady behind the food preparation is none other than Auntie Vourch, who gets her own meritorious mention in my To Cambodia With Love guidebook for her magnificent Khmer chicken curry. She promised me that on my next visit, she'd whip up one of her curry specials just for me. Now that's what friends are for.
Rumnea is a big big fan of suki soup
Auntie Vourch and some of the Luk Luk catering crew

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