Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Buffet benefits

Cheap Khmer lunch buffets have been on the lunchtime agenda for the last couple of days. Colleagues at work are keen to sample the fare from a growing number of buffets that are on offer around the BKK1 area and yesterday we tried Bloom Bloom and today it was the turn of Restaurant 294, on the corner with Street 63. The latter won by a smackdown in wrestling terms, offering a far greater selection of tastier food and judging by the bums on seats at lunchtime today, it's not exactly a secret amongst the office workers in the area. All for $3 as well. That's the limit my colleagues are seeking, or maybe they can stretch to an additional dollar, but cheap and cheerful is their motto. I of course am just along for the ride, and the food. Onwards to the next buffet.

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