Thursday, July 5, 2012

A slice of Italy

In comparison to my underwhelming dining experience last night at Romdeng, this evening's restaurant choice, Aria d'Italia, was considerably better, albeit even more noisy. I suppose you can't have everything. The food was far superior in every way; the tuna salad starter hit the spot and my ravioli bolognaise did the trick, tagged at the end by tiramisu. I'm not a particular lover of Italian food, and must be one of the few people that find pizzas a turn off, but tonight's fare was excellent. It's a cosy little place, on St 310, with indoor and outside seating. We were squashed between a large Khmer family party and a group of visiting Japanese businessmen, but to be frank, the food was so good, I hardly noticed the high decibel level. The owners are Khmer, so are the cooks as far as I could tell, but they seem to have got the Italian flavours off to a tee. Well worth a visit.



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