Friday, July 27, 2012

Setting an example

Tried some Japanese finger-food at Kanji Japanese Restaurant, the latest addition to the Luu Meng empire at the Almond Hotel after work tonight. Kanji opened a month ago, tonight's event was a cocktail and food sampling session on the top floor patio and I must admit the finger-food was tasty. My previous experience with Japanese food has not been good, and it definitely ranks very low down on my preferred food list. I mentioned this in passing to Luu Meng, lauded as Cambodia's finest chef, and he promptly invited me to lunch next week, in order to change my mind. He obviously didn't read the comments about my recent Malis experience, or else he might've poked me in the eye, rather than issue an invite. I'll keep mum about Malis until the time is right. Not that Meng would get upset by a negative review. He treats every adverse comment as an opportunity to learn and improve and I was impressed when speaking to his HR manager Sophorn about the way he looks after the welfare of his 200+ staff. Most bosses could learn a lot from his example.

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