Friday, July 20, 2012

Second chance

In late 2007 I gave up on the Hagar restaurant on Street 288, just around the corner from my flat. A great $6 set-menu in the evenings, with friendly and attentive staff, but too many Christian missionaries, bible-thumpers, god-botherers, or whatever you want to call them for my liking. I stopped going. Lunchtime today I bit the bullet and visited their relocated restaurant on Street 310, just down the road from my office, to sample their $6.50 lunch buffet. Not a noisy Christian in sight, the food selection was plentiful and good quality, service was as friendly as always and judging by the dining crowd, its already very popular. I'll definitely give it another go and fingers crossed I won't have to listen to any evangelists and their inane conversations about bible practice and prayer meetings anytime soon. Maybe they only do that in the evenings. And Hagar help out women who've been victims of abuse, so its all in a good cause.

Tonight was the finale of the blood and guts television series, Spartacus: Vengeance, which has been great fun to watch with superb fighting scenes and slow-motion effects, and with blood spilt about every two minutes. There will be a third and final series next year, which will be very welcome though they'll need a new cast as most of them got slaughtered in tonight's programme, except Spartacus of course. Historically, a great story of slaves rising up against their Roman masters but it was only ever going to end in tears. The other tv series I've been enjoying recently is Game of Thrones, a medieval fantasy which will also be coming back for a third series next year. Other television series I watch if I'm at home are Blue Bloods and of course, any of the CSIs. That's it. Honest.

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