Monday, July 16, 2012

Invitations welcome

Invitation from the Bougainvillier Hotel for lunch today was gratefully accepted and a very pleasant Khmer and French buffet was enjoyed by our team, in the company of the hotel's all-Khmer management team. Thanks to Rindy, Davin and Sokchan for their kind hospitality. We also had a look at a few of the hotel's rooms, some of which have been spruced up recently, and of course some of them have a great view over the Tonle Sap River and beyond. The rooms at the back have a view of a wall. Not so great. Actually the ones at the front look onto the new monstrosity being built by Sokha on Chrouy Changvar so the view isn't that good afterall. The roof-top at Bougainvillier is open for pizza and evening drinks but the elevator that is being constructed to avoid the plethora of steps won't be finished anytime soon, after the lift company went bust. So the walk to the top is still a mini-marathon. If its a riverside location you are seeking, with a French flavour thrown-in for good measure, then Bougainvillier might be just up your rue.



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