Sunday, July 29, 2012

Frontline Reggae

The new album cover, with artwork from the 1980s
I was fortunate to watch Black Roots, a superb reggae band hailing from Bristol, at Eve's Nightclub in Cheltenham many moons ago, sometime during the mid-1980s. They were already high on my list of fave bands and I was soon off to Bristol to watch them on their home territory. They even did the soundtrack for a BBC television series called The Frontline, which was supposed to be a comedy revolving around two black brothers, one a policeman, the other a street-wise dreadlocked youth. The tv series bombed, but the band happily went from strength to strength. They produced eleven albums until the curtain finally came down in 1995 and the band dispersed. However, they've now come back together again, have been gigging furiously, they are off to Italy next week, and have their first (or is it their 12th) album due out in shops in September. The album is called On The Ground, 17 original tracks that judging by reviews, is set to return the band to the top of the reggae pile in the UK and beyond. Catch them if you can. For more on their first incarnation, click here.



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