Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flowery PJs

Rumnea in those flowery PJs in July 2007
I was looking through some photos tonight and came across a picture I'd forgotten I'd taken. It was July 2007 and I was on the outskirts of Kompong Thom when it started to rain heavily. My pal Sokhom and I pulled into a small wooden shop, which was a tailors and asked for shelter. It was immediately granted by a young girl dressed in flowery pyjamas who spoke with what I am certain was excellent English. She will disagree but I was bowled over by her confident language skills and beaming smile and we have remained very close to this day. Rumnea's English has got even better, her smile has never diminished and thank goodness, we've never seem those PJs again. It was very soon after I arrived here, having decided to close the England chapter of my life and open the Cambodia one. Excellent choice I must say.
Rumnea in rather different attire in more recent times

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