Sunday, June 10, 2012

Priceless experience

A successful day out for the Phnom Penh Crown Academy boys today. They experienced life in the remote district of Roka Po Pram, a mainly Cham Muslim area of Kompong Cham province, had a big crowd watching them play against the local district team, half of whom couldn't afford boots and were at least a couple of years older than them, and the Academy won the game with a last-minute penalty too, 3-2 the final result. The playing field was a cow field minus its cows for the day. The Academy coach got the boys to pick up the rubbish littering the pitch in the hope that it would register with the locals before the game and I made an obvious point that our boys washed their hands immediately after. They saw how well-behaved, how professional our boys were at all times, and I don't even recall us conceding a free-kick. There were hundreds of people milling around listening to the instructions from the Academy coach as if he was delivering a religious sermon, and the youngsters were a credit to the club. As they always are. The hosts put on a feast for lunch in the village afterwards and all in all, a great trip into the wilds of Kompong Cham. These experiences are priceless for all concerned and is something we should make the effort to do more often.



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