Friday, June 29, 2012

More is good

Sophea Chamroeun and Children of Bassac colleague at a performance in March
Yikes...or should that more correctly be Yike! News just in from Cambodian Living Arts will see a dramatic increase in the number of shows they will be staging in Phnom Penh for the upcoming tourist high season. Beginning on Thursday 25 October, CLA will host a six nights a week program at the National Museum in the capital and offer up a rotating series of performances of classical and folk dance by the Children of Bassac; Yike (operetta); and Theater including Chayam, Mohaori, Pinpeat and Smot. The shows will be held in the gardens of the Museum between 7-8pm each night, Monday to Saturday until March 2013, and they will give opportunities to sixty emerging artists to demonstrate their talent, with the cost of each individual show pitched at $10 per visitor. This is fabulous news for all concerned. The promotion of Cambodian culture will get a much-needed shot in the arm, the ultra-talented performers like Sophea Chamroeun get the chance to show off their skills to audiences and those living in or visiting the country's capital will get a regular opportunity to enjoy traditional performances by the cream of Cambodia's young performers. I doff my hat to CLA for their bold initiative.

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