Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking ahead

Belle in Crack. Picture by Anders Jiras.
It's the 1st of June today and Phnom Penh is pretty quiet, people-wise, as lots of shops and businesses have taken the day off with local elections taking place this weekend, though I can hear the blaring loudspeakers of the election cavalcades as they wind their way around the city, in the distance. Looking ahead this month, a performance of a new contemporary dance show, Crack, will take place at the department of performing arts building, located behind Spark Nightclub on Mao Tse Tung Boulevard on Friday 15 June. Tickets are $2 each and six Cambodian dancers, including the immensely-talented Belle, under the supervision of German steps-man Arco Renz will present the show, which is also being staged in Indonesia next week and in Europe in August. Meta House hasn't been on my radar too much in recent months but June sees a few evenings worth a visit. Jeff Perigois' photo exhibit, Boeung Kak Was A Lake, kicks-off tomorrow (Saturday) and the Ross Dunkley documentary story, Dancing with Dictators, is screened on Wednesday 6th. Arn Chorn-Pond, founder of Cambodian Living Arts, will present a new novel about himself, Never Fall Down, written by Patricia McCormick, as well as the moving documentary from 2003, The Flute Player, on Friday 15th from 7pm. Later in the month, Joel Montague is back at Meta House on Thursday 28th with another of his interesting lectures, this time on the black and white colonial-era trade cards called chromos. The following evening, Friday 29th, a new movie, Blood Red Karma, featuring Cambodian dancer Yon Davy amongst its cast, gets a viewing. Set in Cambodia with flashbacks, the film is by Antonio Nardone and is 80 minutes long.

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