Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inglorious gig

Matt Price on a skype call with Augustine Dennis, pictured behind
The Comedy Club Cambodia almost died on its arse tonight. Cornish comedian Matt Price did his best to rescue the situation but it was a tough ask after fellow stand-up Augustine Dennis missed his flight and failed to arrive. The Ghanaian comedian's impending arrival had persuaded quite a few of the city's African community to turn up to Pontoon for tonight's gig, only to find out that their star turn would not be coming afterall. That left the Brit as both the MC and sole performer and he found it hard going after an initial early flurry of laughs. A skype call with the embarrassed Dennis, broadcast to the audience was incomprehensible to most of those present and fell flat on its face and in the final section of the show, Price tried valiantly to pull out a few stories from his normal routine but by this time, he'd lost part of the crowd and the gig came to an inglorious conclusion. Not a gig that will stay in the memory banks for much longer than it takes me to go to sleep.
Matt Price working the audience, especially Chris in the white cap, on the front row

Pictured with Rumnea during one of the funnier jokes

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Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

7Days in the Phnom Penh Post gave the comedy gig a rave review today, calling it "one of the most memorable so far" - presumably they mean memorable as it was instantly forgettable and because it bombed, if comparing it to the first few comedy gigs which were stellar by comparison.
The review went onto say that the only performer turned "damage control into performance art." Goodness me, has the reviewer ever been to stand-up comedy gigs before? Quality performers would've turned adversity into triumph through dint of their personality and comedy mastery - I'm afraid the sole performer on Tuesday just about held it together but it was by the merest of threads. He was clearly trying too hard at the end and it showed. I've seen the best and someone like Frank Skinner, who was compere at my comedy club years ago, would've revelled in the situation.
7 Days are putting a brave face on what was a forgettable gig.

June 29, 2012 at 12:22 PM  

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