Sunday, June 24, 2012

In one piece

Would you Adam and Eve it? I manged to get through a game of football this afternoon without pulling a muscle, twisting an ankle or getting my hair out of place. The game was for fun on the RSN Stadium pitch with about fifteen of the Phnom Penh Crown team and the remainder made up of Crown staff and friends. Obviously, the club president was playing so we kept giving the ball to him and he finally netted, after firing a few blanks. Kouch Sokumpheak and Kingsley Njoku were also on the scoresheet but I've refused to add their efforts to their official goals scored tally. All the pleading in the world won't wash with me. Obviously I whacked one in as well. An old dog never forgets where the goal is. The gathering was part of a BBQ afternoon for the club players, staff, families and friends. And there was more than enough food and drink to keep everyone entertained. We should do this more often.



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