Sunday, June 3, 2012

Horns and paper faces

Rumnea and myself at last night's wedding party
I'm not sure that I've seen a groom wearing cow/buffalo horns during his wedding party before, in fact, I know I've not. Add a paper face and you have a very different kind of entrance as Samnang, the bride Veasna and their attendants entered their party, each holding a paper face in front of them as they paraded around the fruit table. I didn't find out why but I'm sure there's a very good, or artistic reason for it. Both Samnang and Veasna are heavily involved in the arts scene in Phnom Penh so the party was a who's who of the arts. It was also very unusual because no alcohol was consumed. The alcohol ban by the Prime Minister during election weekend left most of the men at the party completely deflated and unable to consume their normal ridiculous levels of beer and whiskey. So they left early. Rumnea and I were on  a table full of men, strangely we always manage to do that, and there was not one 'lets all stand up and clink glasses together' moment. Thank goodness for that.
Rumnea looking radiant as usual

Bride and groom thank everyone for attending

The traditional walk around the fruit table, with horns and paper faces

On stage with their paper faces

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What tradition is this? I know it is not part of Khmer traditional wedding. This the first I see this kind of tradition at a wedding.

June 10, 2012 at 6:26 AM  

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