Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Bee

Quite a busy week this week especially on Friday when I'm torn between watching the one-off performance of Crack at the theatre behind Spark nightclub from 6.30pm (I've bought two tickets so I will go to watch the cream of the country's contemporary dancers in full flight) and the Arn Chorn-Pond chat about the new novel just out about his life, Never Falling Down, as well as a screening of the The Flute Player at Meta House, the same night, from 7pm. Not to mention dinner dates with business clients, meetings with wildlife organizations and NGOs, the usual football matches to attend, finding out how to access and update the very complicated website of my footy team and there's also the small matter of early morning football watching with the Euros taking place most nights. And that's besides my 8am-6pm day job (goodness, I work long hours). Later this month we have - in no particular order - a book launch at Monument tomorrow night, a new version of the Big Drums at Sovanna Phum on the 22nd, the next Comedy Club session (Tues 26th), a Buck Hunger fun day with the Cambodian Space Project on Sunday 24th, Joel Montague's presentation at Meta House on the 28th and lots of other stuff - including the private matters which I don't share - happening in between. Strangely, no wedding invites. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to grab a snack in between. And get some shut-eye.

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