Saturday, June 23, 2012

Belting out

Srey Thy, lead singer with the Cambodian Space Project
In the first of three gigs in three days, one of the hardest working bands on the music circuit, inside and outside of Cambodia, were belting out those unique pop songs from the 60s and 70s at Mao's nightclub last night. Of course I'm talking about the Cambodian Space Project, who were launching their second album, Not Easy Rock and Roll, on the night. The soundman did his job perfectly with Srey Thy's voice booming and as is often the case, the band had two new faces that I'd not seen before, alongside a few of the combo's regulars. CSP play at La Croisette restaurant on the riverfront tonight and at a charity function tomorrow before they will head off overseas for the UK and other locations. The nightclub wasn't as busy as it usually is for CSP gigs but the ladies present didn't let that deter them from taking over the dancefloor and offering up some traditional Khmer dance moves.
The CSP on stage at Mao's last night

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