Friday, May 4, 2012

Top Table

I'm the moderator in the middle of the 4 head coaches. Pic
Another day, another press conference. I could get used to this. Five minutes before this session, I was invited to chair it, which was no big deal. The usual array of press corps from Cambodian television and newspapers were there to capture the moment before I shooed them back to their seats, so we could continue. Earlier we'd had the Team Manager's meeting which sorted out the playing kits and other mundane matters before the arrival of the head coaches of the four teams taking part in the AFC President's Cup qualifying competition, that kicks-off tomorrow. The coaches from Dordoi, Yeedzin, Nepal Police and our own David Booth, from Phnom Penh Crown, sat at the top table and answered a series of questions from the assembled press. I think maybe four of the nearly thirty people present had the nous to ask questions, the others kept stum, as is normally the way with the Khmer press. They turn up for their stipend, sit and watch, eat the sarnies and then off to the next one. Not what anyone would call serious sports journos, as could be seen by the first question; "what do you think of the weather?" Cutting-edge sports journalism at its very best. The session lasted about forty minutes tops and then the coaches were off back to their team hotel. The Crown Yearbook arrived, hot off the press, and was handed out. It looks pretty good considering it was written and printed in a matter of just a few days. The real action begins tomorrow (Saturday) with the first game starting at 1.30pm at the Olympic Stadium, when Crown meet Yeedzin from Bhutan. The Bhutanese are already worried as the temperature and humidity is something they've never experienced before, coming from the considerably-colder Himalayas.
Apsara TV captures the moment for their evening sports show

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